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Ketu Stotram


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ketu grah

Kethuh, Kaalah, kalayitha,
dhhomrakethur, vivarnak,

Loka Kethur, maha Kethuh,
sarva kethu, bhay pradah. 1

Kethu, he who causes death, he who makes time, smoky headed one, One who is multi coloured, head of people, great head, One who has only head, one who torments the Sun.

Roudhro, Rudhra priyo, rudhrah,
kroor karma, suganda dhruk,

Palaash dhoom sankaash chithra
yagnopaveeta dhruk. 2

He who is angry, he who likes Shiva, he who is fierce, He who does cruel deeds, He who is seen by pleasant smell, One who resembles the smoke of husk, one who is seen wearing sacred thread.

Taara gana vimadi ch
jaimineeyo grahadhip,

Paanchvishati namaani
ketorya sattatam patheta 3

One who troubles star groups, one who belongs to the clan of Jaimini, One who is the lord of all planets, one who is God Ganesa, One who is the lord of obstacles, one who destroys disease due to poison,

Tasya Nashyathi badha ch
sarva Kethu prasadatah,

Dhan dhaanya pashoonaam ch
bhaved vrudhir na sanshaya. 4

Due to the grace of Kethu all his troubles will come to an end, And without doubt his wealth, cereals and animals will increase.

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