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The Kind hearted parrot


Helping Hand

The kind hearted parrot

The Grad Vazir

The Kind Prince

the kind hearted parrot

Long ago and far away, there was a forest that was home to millions of animals. One day, the forest caught fire, sending the animals fleeing for their lives. Plumes of smoke rose high above the forest and the air was filled with the frightened flapping of wings, the pounding of hoofs, and the cries of the animals as they struggled to get away from the crackling flames.

A little parrot managed to get away and found a safe perch far away from the fire. But, when he turned to look behind him, he could still hear the whimpers of the other animals who were not so lucky.

Without a thought, the parrot soaked his wings with water from a nearby stream and flew right back into the flames. "Flee parrot! Flee!" "Fly away now! The forest is on fire!" called the other birds as he flew past them in the opposite direction.

But the parrot did not stop. He flew right back into the forest and flapped his wings over the raging fire. Again and again he went, back and forth, soaking his wings and flapping them over the fire to sprinkle what water he could to douse the flames.

A deity who saw this was greatly surprised. "How do you expect to extinguish this fire which extends for miles?" the parrot answered, "My heart tells me that is whi1 I have to do. If I work hard enough, perhaps I will be able to put out this fire. If not, I will continue to try in another life."

The deity was so moved by the little parrot's enormous effort, that he sent heavy rain to put the fire out and the animals were saved.

In one of his future lives, upon perfecting his compassion and wisdom, the parrot became the Buddha. Like the little parrot, Buddhists believe that every creature, small or large, should try its best to put out the flames of greed, hatred and ignorance whatever they live.