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Helping Hand


Helping Hand

The kind hearted parrot

The Grad Vazir

Kind Prince

helping hand

Sidhdharth was crying in pain. Upon asked by his mom he narrated the incident happened few moments ago in play ground.

He and his few friends were playing in play ground that was near to their house. They were playing under huge tree, after playing for a little while suddenly they realised that there was Bee hive on top of the tree. Rehan who was mischievous among all thought of prank. He picked up huge rock from the ground and started throwing towards Bee hive. When sidhdhart saw that he understood the danger what could follow if that rock will hit that Bee hive so he tried to explain to Rehan. However Rehan was not ready to listen and other kids were also encouraging him. In that they had fight and they all fought with Sidhdharth and Rehan punched him on his face.

Sidhdharth was very upset with this incident , he said to his mom he was only trying to protect them and help them but in reward what he got? now he is not going to help anyone.

Seeing Sidhdharth in dispair and broken hearted, first her mom cleaned his wound gently and took him in her warm embrace and narrated him the story of the monk and the scorpion.

Two monks were washing their food bowls by a river when they spotted a scorpion about to drown. Without hesitation, one monk scooped it up in his hand and laid it safely on th land. " Ouch!" he exclaimed- for the scorpion had stung him.

However, when he began to wash his bowl again, the scorpion fell in the water again. Once more the same monk scooped him up with his bare hands and saved him. Once again, scorpion stung him!

The other monk was surprised and asked the first monk why he was still trying to save scorpion when its nature is to sting. The first monk replied that i did so because my nature is to save!

Later in the monastery, the other monks gathered around and began to discuss what had happpened. One group was supporting the first monk for his compassion.

while another group had to say that the first monk should have use some wisdom while doing so. According to them Monk could have used his bowl to scoop up the scorpion and thus would have prevented himself from getting stung.

Third group agreed with the second group and added that by doing so the monk could have placed scorpion further away from the river, to prevent it from falling in the water again.

The one monk who was witnessing all this discussion could not stop himself and asked " what about the scorpion? Why did the scorpion sting the monk? was it not ungrateful?"

The wise among them explained that scorpion does not always sting. it only stings when it is frightened. It stings when it thinks it is being harmed instead of being helped.

Another monk shook his head in affirmation and added that some people are like that they do not know when you are trying to help them and they can be nasty. But, we must still do our best to help and slowly, they will begin to understand."

Finally, all the monks agreed, " with wisdom and compassion, we should treasure and help all creatures- great and small!"

After finishing the story mom asked sidhdharth what lesson this story teach?

Sidhdharth had smile on his face and he promised that whatever may happen he will never stop helping people even though people does not appreciate his help in that moment. And next time he will use more wisdom to do so