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Sri Siva Durga Temple

Prayer Timing

6:30 AM - Thiruvanathal

9:00 AM - Kalashandi

3:00 PM - Rahu Kalam Puja(Tuesdays only)

5:30 PM - Rahu Kalam Puja (Sundays only)

6:30 PM - Sayalatchai

9:30 PM - Arthasamam

Deities in temple

Lord Shiva

• Goddess Durga

Lord Ganesha

Lord Murugan

• Kal Bhairava

• Dakshinamoorthy

• Nav Grah (Nine Planet)

Temple's official website

Shri Shiv Durga Temple


8 Potong Pasir Avenue 2, Singapore 358 362

Tel: 6283 8002 Fax: 6286 2096


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Shri shiva Durga Temple Entrance


• Thirumurai Thevaram classes on Every Monday from 7.45 PM to 8.45 PM.

• Sri Sathya Sai Baba Bhajans held on Every Saturday from 7.30 PM to 8.30 PM.

• Yoga classes will be held on Every Sunday from 8.00 AM to 9.00 AM.


In the year 1906 Shri Shiv Durga, temple was situated at the former Rumah Miskin Police Station area(Lavender Road Junction).

After that the temple was shifted in front of the former Beatty Secondary School (Beatty Road).

At the primary structure of the temple was that of a hut. Thus with the support of the devotees who are mostly residents staying nearby this temple was relocated to St. Georges Road.

In 1965 this temple was registered as Sri Manmathan Temple and the Maha Kumbabishegam (Consecration Ceremony) was held on 10/9/1975.

In 1982 this Temple was relocated to the present Potong Pasir site as HDB had acquired the temple's previous site.

In 1985, preparations were made to make the foundations of the temple.

In 1987,sculptors, architects and various skilled workers were brought from India to construct this temple and the Maha Kumbabishegam was held on 21/1/1991.

Seeing the need to construct at Kodi Maram (Flag staff) and the sanctums for the various deities and because of the request of all the devotees who had been attending this Temple for prayers the necessary arrangement were made and the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony was held on 1/5/1996.

Upon completion of all the necessary works the Maha Kumbabishegam was held grandly on 17/11/1996.

In this Temple along with Shiva, devotees can perform Goddess Durga's prayer too. Hence,Temple has been given new name "Shri Shiv Durga Temple".

Devotees can offer Rahu Kalam Durga Puja to Goddess Durga. Belief is ,it could be very auspicious to offer this prayer on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, but on other days also Devotees can offer Lemon Lamp. Devotees can make Lemon Lamp by themselves, however, one can buy ready made Lemon Lamp platter from the shop opposite Temple.

On Saturdays Devotees can offer prayer to Shani(Saturn Planet) Maharaj by lighting Til lamp. Til Lamp you can buy from Temple. Temple Offer various Prayer for all deities in the temple. Devotees can buy prayer slip from Cashier counter and give that to temple priest who will perform prayer for devotees.

There are many Yearly events organized by Temple such as: Navratri Prayers, Tamil new year's celebration, Shivratri(Lord Shiva's night) and many more . To know detail list please check Shiv Durga temple's own website.