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Sri Sivan Temple(Geylang)

Prayer Timing

6.00 AM - Early Morning Puja

6.30 AM to &.45 AM - Archana

8.00 AM - KaalaShanti

8.30 AM to 11.45 AM - Archana

12.00 Noon - Uchikaala Puja

6.00 PM - Evening Puja

6.30 PM to 7.00 PM - Archana

7.00 PM - Second Kaala Puja

7.15 PM to 8.45 PM - Archana

7.00 PM - Ubaya Puja

7.00 PM - Atma Shanti Puja

9.00 PM - Arthajama Puja

Deities in temple

Lord Shiva Lingam

Lord Ganesha

• Goddess Shakti

• NavGraha (Nine Planet)

• Surya Devta(Sun God)

• Chandra Devta(Moon God)

• Shani Maharaj

• Kal Bhairav

Temple's official website

Shri Shivan Temple


24 Geylang East Ave 2 Singapore 389752

Tel: 6743 4566 Fax: 6743 7622


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shri shivan temple


• Various Prayers

• Function Hall

• Catering Services

• Priest services for various prayers

• Homeopathy

• Counselling

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In the early 1850's the Shri Shivan temple was rebuilt as a solid structure, near orchard road site where the dhoby ghaut MRT station is located now.

Temple's Shiva Lingam was worshiped long before 1850's. The Shiva Lingam has changed various houses before settled down to its current location Geylang east. Long before it was placed in Potong Pasir, from there it has been moved to dhoby ghaut, then to a site near Macdonald house stands today, and then till 1983 it was situated in Orchard Road.

In 1898,temple went through another phase of reconstruction. it took several years to complete. Mr.V Nagappa Chetty and his wife and many local Hindus contributed generously for Temple's reconstruction.

An order placing Sri Sivan Temple under the Mohammedan and Hindu Endowments Board (set up in 1907) was gazetted on October 18, 1915. In 1968, the Hindu Endowments Board (HEB) was formed to manage four temples including the Sri Sivan Temple.

Some of the statues of secondary deities and a part of temple structure were damaged during Second World War. During the end of the War, Temple's renovations were done and in July 1943, a consecration ceremony was held.

in 1957, to widen orchard road the municipal commissioners wanted temple to give away its front land. After much discussions, board and the city council reached to compromise that the temple was given $50,000 and allowed to rebuilt at the same site against temple's 490sq. feet front land.

Construction work was carried out by local contractor, in 1962 after completion of construction, skilled crafts men from India carried out the sculptural and ornamental works. On December 9, 1964, the consecration ceremony was held.

In 1983, the Government decided to acquire The temple land because an underground MRT station was to be built at exact same location. While look out for more suitable and permanent site was going on, a transit temple was built next to the Shri Shrinivas perumal temple.

With intention, to make new temple with unique appearance, more facility and great features, The Board and the management committee consulted well known architects in India. The team has been formed to study the best of both the north and south Indian temples and as a result there stood very unique an octagonal structure with a multi purpose hall and staff quarters.

The new temple was built at a cost of $6 million on a 3,000 sq.. meter plot at Geylang East. The new site is about four-and-a-half times bigger than the temple's former site at Orchard Road. After ten years of temporary residence at Serangoon Road, the Sri Sivan Temple was consecrated at its present Geylang East site on May 30 1993.

Temple offers many prayers one can buy prayer slips from cashier counters. In Temple Compound, on one side of main structure Shiva Lingam has been placed, specially for devotees to carried out abhishek by themselves, while another side, Shani Maharaj, Surya deva, Chandra deva and Kalbhairava has been situated. Devotees can offer Til lamp to shani maharaj on Saturdays.

Even in this temple devotees can offer Abhishek to Lingam. Specially for Devotees, Lingam has been placed in Temple compound.